This month, we're celebrating two years since launching Farm & Haus! We've grown a lot in these past couple of years, so we thought we'd introduce (or re-introduce ourselves) to you! We're the Lyne family—Patrick, Brittany & Fitz. We launched Farm & Haus two years ago this month in the hopes of making healthy, quality eating easier and more accessible to busy families and professionals in the Orlando community.

Once upon a time, we struggled with finding the time (or energy) to cook for ourselves after a long day of work. In fact, more often than not, we found ourselves going through the fast food lines (can you relate?). Caught in a vicious cycle, we searched for an alternative that was comparable to a home cooked meal (basic, quality ingredients, without all of the added salt & sugar of restaurant food), but that was convenient at the same time. Coming up empty handed, that's when the idea for Farm & Haus was first ignited. After months of sitting on the idea, discussing it and day dreaming, Patrick decided to up & quit his job cold-turkey (no pun intended) and sell his car to get this dream started. Brittany continued to work as a marketing & business consultant in the meantime, secretly working on her biggest project to date—Farm-Haus.

It was in the fall of 2014 that we published our first few meals—much to our families surprise (more like shock—we got a lot of calls asking "what the heck is a Farm-Haus!?). In addition, we randomly met a young woman who shared our love for dinner—mainly bringing people together through it. We began partnering with and cooking for the newly established Dinner Party Project. We tested recipes, made great connections and learned a lot about the good that food can do beyond just nourishing people.

Fast forward to February of 2015, we came to a crossroads with the business. Do we go all in & pursue this, or do we take the easy route and back down? One month later, with all of our home cooking utensils in hand, we moved into the East End Market Kitchen (don't worry—we've upgraded). One month after that, we hired our first driver (Daniel, who was with us until this past November, see what he's up to now here!), and in April of 2015, Farm-Haus was officially open for business.

This has been the hardest, most rewarding journey of our lives. Those of you who have been with us from the beginning know how much work we've put in to get our dinner service to where it is today. For staying with us and believing in us—through good and bad—we are eternally grateful.

With that said, the foundation has been laid, and we cannot wait to continue to grow this small seed we planted way back when. Not only has our Farm & Haus family grown from two to now eleven employees, our own family has grown with the birth of our first little one this past December.

Whatever these next few years bring, know that we are a business who above all respects and puts you, our customers first. We want your input, your opinion & your feedback. This is not just our dream now, it belongs to you.

Thanks for being a part of not just the Farm & Haus family, but our family as well.

-Patrick, Brittany (& Fitz!) Lyne

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